Finance Major Requirements

At least 21 semester hours are required for the finance major.

Specific Course Requirements (18 semester hours)

FINA 30203

Money and Banking (Writing Emphasis)

FINA 30213

Investments I (Writing Emphasis)

FINA 30233

Investments II

FINA 40153

Advanced Financial Management

ACCT 30153

Intermediate Financial Accounting I

ACCT 30253

Intermediate Financial Accounting II

In addition, the student must complete three semester hours from the following:

FINA 30303


FINA 30313

Real Estate Principles

FINA 30623

Real Estate Valuation

FINA 40183

Educational Investment Fund

FINA 40193

Educational Investment Fund

FINA 40313

Management of Financial Institutions

FINA 40533

Financial Analysis

FINA 40603

Real Estate Law

FINA 40613

Real Estate Finance and Investment Analysis

FINA 40623

International Finance

ACCT 30303

Introduction to Federal Taxation

Free Electives: Students should consult their academic adviser in the NSRC to determine the number of elective hours needed to reach 124 total hours.

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