Marketing Major Requirements

The major in marketing requires 18 semester hours.

Specific Course Requirements (15 semester hours)

MARK 30113

Marketing Research

MARK 30233

Market Analysis (Writing Emphasis)

MARK 30243

Customer Insights

MARK 40203

Marketing Strategy (Writing Emphasis)

In addition, the student must complete six semester hours from one of the following four career tracks:

Product and Brand Management

MARK 40243

New Product Planning and Brand Management

MARK 40223

Services Planning

Sales and Sales Management

MARK 40253

Sales Management

MARK 40263

Relationship Selling

Marketing Communications Management

MARK 40233

Integrated Marketing Communications

MARK 40263

Relationship Selling

Global Marketing Management

MARK 40213

International Marketing

MARK 40700

Marketing Study Abroad-or any approved study abroad course

In addition, students must complete three hours of electives from the following:

Any three-hour 40000 level marketing course

MARK 40003

Senior Honors Research Paper

MARK 40970

Special Problems in Marketing

INSC 40323

Procurement/Supply Management (Prerequisite INSC 30313)

JOUR 40703

Strategic Communication Campaigns (Section 80 only)

Any appropriate course approved by the department chair

Free Electives: Students should consult their academic adviser in the NSRC to determine the number of elective hours needed to reach 124 total hours.

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