International Emphasis

Business students may complement their major in accounting, business information systems, entrepreneurial management, finance, (finance with real estate emphasis), marketing, and supply and value chain management by designating an international emphasis and satisfying the goals and requirements of the International Emphasis Program. The program provides a structure to recognize students who have achieved a unique combination of experience, academic coursework and international skills resulting in a cross-cultural competency. A special designation is placed on the transcript of those students successfully completing the requirements of the program. The international emphasis may not be added to majors outside of the Neeley School.

Part I: Neeley School Courses (at least 6 semester hours)

Required: Six hours from the following courses (three hours must be in your major.) For accounting and business information systems majors, choose two of the classes that best support academic interests.

FINA 40623

International Finance

MANA 40223

Cross-Cultural Management

MARK 40213

International Marketing

INCS 40353

Global Supply Chain Management

Part II: International Awareness Courses (at least nine semester hours)

Students must complete a minimum of nine semester hours of non-business, non-foreign language courses with an international focus. To receive approval of course selection prior to enrollment, students must submit appropriate forms to the Neeley Student Resource Center.

Part III: Language Proficiency

The student must be proficient in at least one language other than English. For students whose primary language is English, proficiency in a second language must be demonstrated through successful completion of 18 semester hours of coursework in one language or the maximum hours offered in one language or equivalent proficiency as approved by their department chair.

For students whose second language is other than those taught at TCU, students should work with their department chair to determine a method of demonstrating proficiency.

For students whose primary language is not English, proficiency in both their primary and secondary languages must be demonstrated. Students should work with their department chair to determine a method of demonstrating proficiency in their primary language. Completion of the English courses required in the TCU Core Curriculum or their equivalents are sufficient to demonstrate proficiency in their secondary language of English.

Part IV: Experiential Component

Students working toward an international emphasis are required to obtain significant experience in a foreign culture. A combination of study, work or living abroad may be used to satisfy the requirement. While there is no specific time requirement, students must demonstrate to the major department chair or designated faculty advisory committee focused involvement in a foreign culture. The experiential component may be waived for foreign students.

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