BNSF Next Generation Leadership Program

Business students may complement their major in any business discipline by completing the BNSF Next Generation Leadership Program. This program is designed to give students an understanding of the theory and practice of leadership, and provide them with skills that will help them become more confident and effective leaders.

Students can only be designated a graduate of the program if they have applied for, been accepted to and completed all requirements of the BNSF Next Generation Leadership Program. This is a two- year program that consists of coursework and co-curricular developmental opportunities. Entrance into the BNSF Next Generation Leadership Program is limited and highly competitive. Successful applicants will have:

  • Demonstrated superior academic performance;
  • Sought out experiences that reflect high standards of leadership; and
  • Received strong recommendations from faculty and staff.

Entrance decisions are made by a Next Generation Leadership Program Committee.

The BNSF Next Generation Leadership Program consists of four leadership courses, preceded by the required business ethics course, which helps students learn more about leadership and about themselves as leaders. The first class, Foundations of Leadership is focused on leading oneself. It is grounded in a principle-centered model of leadership and underscores the impact that quality of character has on our ability to earn followers. The second course, Interpersonal Leadership Skills focuses on critical leadership capabilities-on those leadership skills that are foundational for people in formal and informal leadership positions. The third course, Team Leadership Skills focuses on specific skill sets that help increase effectiveness when working collaboratively with others. The final course, The Leadership Challenge focuses on bringing together leadership concepts associated with leading change with students' leadership experiences from a required field placement that will demand that they exercise their growing leadership knowledge and competencies. The experiences from that placement will be discussed in class, as they relate to the material for that class session. In this way, students bring together leadership concept and practice, and have the opportunity to learn from their experience in leadership settings.

Upon acceptance into the program, each student signs a letter of commitment to complete all required elements of the program in a timely manner. For students who successfully complete the BNSF Next Generation Leadership Program, a formal notation is made on their TCU transcript upon graduation that they are graduates of the program. Any student who is unable to fulfill their commitment with their cohort (for any reason) will not be permitted to participate in the remaining portion of the program, and will not receive the formal program designation on their transcript.

Students take the following courses in sequence:

BUSI 30833

Foundations of Leadership

BUSI 30843

Interpersonal Leadership Skills

BUSI 40833

Team Leadership Skills

BUSI 40843

The Leadership Challenge

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