Strategic Communication Major

The BS with a major in strategic communication requires 124 hours with 40 hours in journalism, including JOUR 10103, 10113, 20001, 30313, 30403, 30413, 30453, 30803, 40513, 40523, 40903, 40703 and six hours of journalism electives. A statistics course taken in either the Department of Mathematics or M.J. Neeley School of Business is required. An area of emphasis consisting of 18 hours in a discipline selected by the student and approved by a journalism adviser must be completed. Students may also choose to complete the requirements for a major or minor in the selected discipline. If this option is selected, students must fulfill the requirements as prescribed by the department in which the minor or second major is taken.

All strategic communication majors must complete the following four courses—JOUR 10103, 10113, 30403 and 30313—with a 2.0 or better and a combined GPA of a 2.5 before enrolling in JOUR 30413, 30453, 30803, 40513, 40523, 40903 and 40703.

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