Journalism Course Subcategories

Journalism Core

JOUR 10103

Communication in Society

JOUR 10113

Media Writing and Editing I

JOUR 20001

Race, Gender, and the Mass Media

JOUR 20103

Media Writing and Editing II

JOUR 40523

Media Law and Ethics

JOUR 40981

Senior Seminar in Journalism

Strategic Communication

JOUR 30313

Advertising Principles

JOUR 30403

Public Relations Principles

JOUR 30413

Creative Communications

JOUR 30523

Media Marketing and Promotions

JOUR 30803

Writing for Strategic Communication

JOUR 40403

Strategic Communication Cases and Problems

JOUR 40451


JOUR 40503

Integrated Marketing Communications

JOUR 40513

Channel Planning and Stategy

JOUR 40533

Global Branding

JOUR 40703

Strategic Communication Campaigns

JOUR 40903

Research and Evaluation

JOUR 50133

Management of Public Relations and Advertising Departments/Firms or Agencies

JOUR 50163

Issues and Crises in Public Communication

Broadcast Journalism

JOUR 10203

Introduction to Broadcast News

JOUR 20203

Radio/TV Newswriting

JOUR 30543

Broadcast Reporting

JOUR 40203

Broadcast Newscast Production

JOUR 40451


JOUR 40553

Issues in Broadcast News.

JOUR 40563

Broadcast Newsroom Management.

International Communication

JOUR 40153

Global Communication in Context

JOUR 40223

Issues in Global Media

JOUR 40533

Global Branding

JOUR 40543

International and Intercultural Communication

JOUR 40603

Global Strategic Communication in Theory and Practice

JOUR 40963

Topics in International and Ethnic Media

News-Editorial Journalism

JOUR 30203


JOUR 30233


JOUR 30343


JOUR 30443

Periodical Design

JOUR 40451


JOUR 40463

Public Affairs Reporting

JOUR 40473

Specialized Reporting and Writing

JOUR 40483

Sports Reporting and Writing

JOUR 40493

Opinion Writing

JOUR 40643

Feature and Magazine Writing

JOUR 50173

International Reporting

JOUR 50183

Media Management and Leadership

JOUR 50193

Economics and Finance of the Media

General Courses

JOUR 30003

Junior Honors in Journalism

JOUR 30253

General Semantics for Mass Communications Practitioners

JOUR 30453

Information Graphics

JOUR 30853

Historical Development of Mass Media

JOUR 40003

Senior Honors in Journalism

JOUR 40101

Computer-Assisted Information Gathering.

JOUR 40252

Women in Media

JOUR 40613

Media Ethics

JOUR 40773

Media in Britain

JOUR 40803

Public Opinion and Persuasion

JOUR 40970

Special Topics

JOUR 40993

Mass Media and Society

JOUR 50123

Proseminar in Journalism and Mass Communication

JOUR 50143

Social and Cultural History of the Media

JOUR 50333

Advertising and the Consumer

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