Radio-TV-Film Program Requirements

The Department of Radio-TV-Film requires the following:

  • A minimum of 124 semester hours overall, including at least 42 semester hours earned at the 30000-level or above;
  • A minimum of 37 semester hours in the RTVF major courses is required, including at least 12 semester hours at the 30000-level or above;
  • RTVF majors must complete a minor of at least 18 hours. All requirements of the minor department must be followed;
  • RTVF majors must complete the TCU Core Curriculum requirements as described elsewhere in this catalog; and
  • A student earning the BA must earn six semester hours in one foreign language at the 20000-level or above.

Students should complete RTVF major courses in this order:

Step One: Complete the following RTVF basic courses with a "C" or better and earning a GPA of 2.5 for the three combined. (These courses do not have to be taken in any specific order):

RTVF 10113

History of Broadcasting

RTVF 10123

History of Film

RTVF 10143

Introduction to Film and Television Aesthetics

Step Two: Take two courses in each of three areas:

Production: Any two production courses

Industry: RTVF 20523 and any other RTVF industry course

Analysis: RTVF 20583 and any other RTVF analysis course

Step Three: Complete any combination of three additional RTVF production, industry and/or analysis courses. Note: RTVF open electives may not be used to fulfill RTVF major or minor requirements.

Step Four: Complete 40901 Senior Seminar (1 semester hour) in the last semester of the senior year.

Majors in radio-TV-film must achieve the following minimum academic requirements as a prerequisite to enroll in RTVF courses at the 20000-level and above:

  • Overall TCU GPA of 2.5;
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5 for all courses taken within the Department of Radio-TV-Film; and
  • "C" or better in all courses taken in the Department of Radio-TV-Film.

Students whose overall or departmental GPA falls below 2.5 cannot enroll in sophomore, junior or senior-level RTVF courses. The exceptions are RTVF open elective courses, which have no prerequisites and are open to all TCU students.

The ultimate responsibility for knowing the prerequisites for a course lies with the student and is noted in this catalog. Students who wish to apply for "permission of instructor" or "permission of department" to take a class must submit a request in writing to the RTVF department prior to registration. The department does not guarantee that all who wish to enroll in these classes will be accepted.

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