Radio-TV-Film Course Subcategories

Production Courses

In these courses, fundamental principles of professionalism and teamwork are developed as students learn practical technical skills in camera operation, lighting, sound recording, etc. These courses are open to RTVF majors only.

RTVF 20203

Audio Production I

RTVF 20213

Video I

RTVF 20243

Lighting and Design

RTVF 20510

FM Station Operations

RTVF 30153

Dramatic Style and Structure

RTVF 30203

Audio Production II

RTVF 30213

Video II

RTVF 30223


RTVF 30243


RTVF 30353

Acting for Television

RTVF 30393

Theory and Practice of Digital Media

RTVF 30510

Advanced FM Station Operations

RTVF 30713

Remote Sports Production

RTVF 30723

Producing the Live Sports Event

RTVF 30733

Audio Production for Sports Television and Radio

RTVF 40113

Sports Broadcasting

RTVF 40153

Dramatic Writing

RTVF 40213

Video III

RTVF 40333

Post Production

RTVF 40383

Documentary Production

RTVF 40713

Global Sports Media

RTVF 45113


Industry Courses

In industry courses, students study the business and legal context in which media products are produced and distributed. These courses are open to RTVF majors only.

RTVF 20523

Business of Media

RTVF 30513

Audience Research

RTVF 30523

Media Marketing and Promotion

RTVF 30573

Broadcast and Cable Programming

RTVF 30663

Film in a Global Society

RTVF 40223

Entertainment Law and Finance

RTVF 40503

Media Industry Law and Regulation

RTVF 40513

Topics In Media Industries Studies

RTVF 40523

Management for Broadcast, Cable and Film

RTVF 40773

Media in Britain

RTVF 40813

Sex and Violence

RTVF 50443

Studies in International Broadcasting

RTVF 50403

New Technologies

Analysis Courses

Media analysis/history courses use Media Analysis as a foundations course. These courses study a variety of film/television styles to analyze how media both reflect and influence culture. These courses are open to RTVF majors and minors.

RTVF 20583

Media Analysis

RTVF 30363

Analysis of Screen Performance

RTVF 30410

Film Genres

RTVF 30593

Television, Culture] and Society

RTVF 30643

British Cinema and European Culture

RTVF 40003

Senior Honors Research Paper

RTVF 40440

Topics in Film

RTVF 40570

Topics in Television

RTVF 40580

Topics in Sports Media

RTVF 40623

Topics in National Cinemas

RTVF 40683

Film Theory and Criticism

RTVF 50400

Advanced Studies in RTVF

Open Electives

These are courses with no prerequisites that are open to all TCU students. Several of these fulfill core curriculum requirements. RTVF majors and minors may take them as general electives only; they do not fulfill RTVF major or minor requirements.

RTVF 10013

TV Studies for Non-Majors

RTVF 10053

Survey of Film

RTVF 10073

Media Adaptations

RTVF 10093

Media, Politics and Social Values

RTVF 20083

Television, Film and Religion

RTVF 30433

American Cinema

RTVF 30983

Women in Television and Film

RTVF 30453

Crime Films and Society

RTVF 40653

Popular Music and the Recording Industry

RTVF 30473

History of the Movies

RTVF 20083

Television, Film and Religion

RTVF 30453

Crime Films and Society

RTVF 30473

History of the Movies

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