Art Education Major Requirements

To earn the BFA with a major in art education, students must complete the requirements outlined below.

University Requirements

Undergraduate degree (124 hour minimum)

Upper-level coursework taken at TCU (42 hour minimum)

TCU Core Curriculum (39 hour minimum)

TCU Core Curriculum requirements can range from 39 to 63 hours depending on the choice of courses. Some courses may count in more than one area.

Art Requirements

Studio Courses (30 hours)

ART 10103

Drawing I

ART 10113

Drawing II

ART 10123

Design and Color

ART 10133

3-D Design

ART 20143


ART 20163

Printmaking or

ART 20173

Printmaking or

ART 20183


ART 20213


ART 20243


ART 20743


Art Elective

ART 20000 level or

ART 30000 level

ART 30000-level or above

Art Education Courses (12 hours)

ART 10803

Basics in Art

ART 30013

Approaches to Studio Art

ART 30803

The Child and Visual Arts

ART 40803

Essentials of the Visual Arts

Art History (12 hours)

ART 10043

Introduction to Art History

ART 20000-level

ART 30000-level or above

Upper-level Art Electives (12 hours)

Education Requirements

Oral Communication (3 hours)

Required for admission to the College of Education; choose from COMM 10123, 20103 and 20133

ED Psych/Development (6 hours)

EDUC 30123

Educational Psychology

EDUC 30143

Child and Adolescent Development

Education Certification (13 hours)

EDSE 30013

Professional Roles and Responsibilities

EDSP 30603

Study of the Exceptional Student

EDSE 40213

Promoting Literacy in Content Subject

EDSE 50023

Effective Teaching and Classroom Implementation

EDSE 30001

Professional Practice Seminar

Student Teaching (6 hours)

EDUC 40966

All-Level Student Teaching

Suggested Courses for Freshman Year

Fall (15 hours)

TCU Core Curriculum (9 hours)

Written Communication (WCO)

Historical Traditions (HT)

Natural Sciences (NCS)

Art Courses (6 hours)

ART 10103

ART 10123

Art History Course (3 hours)

ART 10043

Spring (15 hours)

TCU Core Curriculum (9 hours)

Religious Traditions (RT)

Humanities (HUM)

Natural Sciences (NCS)

Art Courses (6 hours)

ART 10113

ART 10133

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