Art History Major Requirements

A major or a minor in art history may be taken on the BA degree. The Art History Program provides a broad undergraduate foundation in the humanities and the preparation necessary for professional careers in art. Potential careers open to art history majors include teaching, research, art administration, art writing/criticism, and museum and gallery professions.

University Requirements

Undergraduate degree (124 hours minimum)

Upper-level coursework taken at TCU (42 hour minimum)

TCU Core Curriculum (39 hour minimum)

TCU Core Curriculum requirements can range from 39 to 63 hours depending on the choice of courses. Some courses may count in more than one area.

Art Requirements

Art History (27 hours)

Majors are expected to enroll in a broad range of courses, including both pre-modern (pre-1800) and post-modern (post-1800)

ART 10043

Introduction to Art History

ART 20000-level

ART 30000-level or above (minimum 12 hours required)

Studio Courses (6 hours)

Choose from:

ART 10103

Drawing I

ART 10113

Drawing II

ART 10123

Design and Color

ART 10133

3-D Design or

Any other approved art coursework

Foreign Language

Six hours or demonstrated proficiency at the second-semester, sophomore-level are required. See modern language major catalog listing for additional information.

Students planning to continue work at the graduate level should develop a proficiency in a second language; German, French, Italian or Spanish are recommended.

General Electives (if needed to equal 124 hours)

Suggested Courses for Freshman Year

Fall (15 hours)

TCU Core Curriculum (6 hours)

Written Communication (WCO)

Historical Traditions (HT)

Foreign Language (3 hours)

Art History Course (3 hours)

ART 10043

Art Course (3)

ART 10103 (Drawing)

Spring (15 hours)

TCU Core Curriculum (6 hours)

Religious Traditions (RT)

Natural Sciences (NCS)

Foreign Language (3 hours)

Art History Course (3 hours)

Any 20000-level Art History class

Art Courses (3 hours)

ART 10113 or ART 10123 (Design)

ART 10133 (3-D Design)

**Note: ART 10043 replaces ART 10053 and 10063. ART 10043 is the prerequisite for any course that requires one or both of those courses.

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