Art and Art History Course Subcategories

Studio Art

ART 10103

Drawing I

ART 10113

Drawing II

ART 10123

Design and Color

ART 10133

Three Dimensional Design

ART 20143


ART 20163

Printmaking (Etching)

ART 20173

Printmaking (Lithography)

ART 20183

Printmaking (Screenprinting)

ART 20213


ART 20243


ART 20743


ART 20970

Intermediate Studio

ART 21103

Life Studies

ART 30003

Junior Honors Seminar

ART 30100

Life Studies

ART 30140


ART 30150

Artists' Books

ART 30160

Printmaking (Etching)

ART 30170

Adv Printmaking (Lithography)

ART 30180

Advanced Printmaking (Screenprinting)

ART 30210


ART 30220

Ceramic Sculpture

ART 30240

Advanced Sculpture

ART 30710

Color Photography

ART 30720

Landscape Photography

ART 30730

Zone System Photography

ART 30743

The Photographic Portrait

ART 30753

Photographic Illustration

ART 30760

Alternative, Non-Silver Photo Processes

ART 30770

Documentary Photography

ART 30790

Interactive Media for Artists

ART 30903

Seminar in Art Professions

ART 40003

Senior Honors Research

ART 40710

Advanced Digital Photography

ART 40970

Special Problems

ART 40983

Senior Exhibition

Graphic Design

ART 10143

Introduction to Visual Communication

ART 20323

Typography I

ART 20333

Typography II

ART 20453

Introduction to Computer Graphics

ART 20970

Intermediate Studio

ART 30323

Typography III

ART 30400


ART 30423

Publication Design

ART 30433

Package Design

ART 30443

Corporate Identity

ART 30453

Computer Applications to Graphic Design

ART 30473

Advanced Computer Applications to Graphic Design

ART 30523

Advertising Design

ART 30533

Advanced Advertising Design

ART 40300

Problems in Graphic Design

ART 40410

Graphic Design Internship

ART 40413

Portfolio and Marketing

ART 40970

Special Problems

History of Art

ART 10043

Introduction to Art History

ART 20003

Classical Tradition in Art

ART 20013

Egyptian Art

ART 20063

Medieval Art

ART 20073

British Art: Medieval-Modern

ART 20083

American Indian Art

ART 20093

Art of Mexico from 1500 to the Present

ART 20103

17th and 18th Century European Art

ART 20113

A New World: Survey of American Art

ART 20303

19th and 20th Century Art

ART 20403

Introduction to Visual Culture

ART 20503

Survey Topics in Art History

ART 20603

Art History On Site

ART 20833

History of Visual Communication

ART 30003

Junior Honors Seminar

ART 30073

Modern British Art

ART 30113

American Art to 1913

ART 30123

American Art, 1913 to the Present

ART 30143

Inka and Their Predecessors: Ancient South American Art

ART 30153

The Aztec, Maya, Olmec

ART 30163

Maya Art and Architecture

ART 30173

Early Italian Renaissance Art

ART 30183

High and Late Italian Renaissance Art

ART 30193

Northern Renaissance Painting: Van Eyck - Bruegel

ART 30203

17th Century Italian and Spanish Art

ART 30213

Drawing as Artistic Invention

ART 30333

Modern Art I: Romantic Classicism to Impressionism

ART 30343

Van Gogh to Dali: Modern Art II

ART 30353

Picasso: Artist of the Century

ART 30363

17th Century Flemish-Dutch Painting

ART 30413

Women and the Visual Arts, 1500-1800

ART 30500

Special Topics in Art History

ART 30510

Speical Topics in Art History (WE)

ART 30600

Art Study Abroad

ART 30603

Art Since 1945

ART 30613

Modern Architecture: 1750 to the Present

ART 30623

History of the Print

ART 30633

Art in the Metroplex

ART 30823

History of Photography

ART 30833

History of Graphic Design

ART 40003

Senior Honors Research

ART 40970

Special Problems

ART 40980

Directed Study in Art History

ART 40993

Art Professions Internship

Art Education

ART 10803

Basics in Art

ART 20970

Intermediate Studio

ART 30013

Approaches to Studio Art

ART 30803

The Child and Visual Arts

ART 40803

Essentials of Visual Arts

ART 40970

Special Problems

Other Courses

ART 10433

Freshman Seminar in Art

ART 10533

Freshman Seminar in Art

FNRT 30900

Fine Art Interdisciplinary Course

FNRT 30903

Art and Music in Hungary

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