INSC 40823 - E-Business Topics and Trends

3 hours. Prerequisites: INSC 40013 with a grade of C or better, and must be Business major. Provides a more advanced inquiry into Electronic Business. This is a continuation of INSC 40813. 3 hours. This is the second of a two-course sequence INSC 40813 and INSC 40823. Using a real company, the first course, INSC 40813 starts the consultancy phases and the second course, INSC 40423 completes the eBusiness analysis phase. While the students are building and implementing in the second semester they will be learning about the newest tools, topics and trends for use in the rapidly changing Internet environment. This two-semester sequence will allow them the extra time needed to complete the entire process of creating a real corporate Web presence from beginning to end. Students will work in teams that will last the entire two semesters. A team approach will be used to develop creative ideas and observe the processes and factors crucial to a successful eBusiness. The topics and trends section of this course will be constantly changing to reflect the dynamics of the Internet.

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