MARK 40263 - Relationship Selling

Prerequisites: A grade of 'C' or higher in MARK 30153 and must be a business major. In addition, successful completion of MARK 30113 (Marketing Research) and MARK 30233 (Market Analysis), and successful completion or concurrent enrollment in MARK 30243 (Customer Insights). There are several learning objectives for students in Personal Selling. Primary to the course is the student's mastery of communication and presentation skills in the interpersonal and formal speaking environments. One part of the course covers the text materials providing the student with a background in the fundamental aspects of persuasive communications, overcoming objections, and presentation planning. Once these topics are mastered, the student then executes a persuasive and formal sales presentation, which is videotaped and critiqued. Also, this course is designed to provide an understanding of the sales process and its role in business (and non-business) organizations and society. The student is expected to acquire a working knowledge of sales concepts and terminology pertinent to the field. You will explore the nature of the sales process and its functions, including presentation strategy, informative delivery, closing techniques, and an exploration of the various opportunities in sales as a career. We will also cover areas such as personal attire, speaking skills, and interpersonal transactions. Your most important assignment in this class is to sell yourself- and to do that you must believe in the product.

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