EDEC 41123 - Learner-Centered Teaching: Families

Prerequisite: Admission to the Teacher Education Program or written permission of the Dean, College of Education. Concurrent enrollment in EDEC 41103, EDEC 41113, EDEC 41123, EDEC 41143, EDEC 41153. This block melds content instruction and a semester-long practicum. In addition, to be working in classrooms or in other ways with students, under the supervision of teachers and SOE faculty, SOE faculty will cover content regarding: classroom management, assessment, parent and family relationships and issues, and professional roles and responsibilities. Block components are: EDEC 41103 Learner-Centered Teaching: Foundations (3 hrs), EDEC 41113 Learner-Centered Teaching: Families (3 hrs), EDEC 41123 Learner-Centered Teaching: Assessment (3 hrs), EDEC 41143 Learner-Centered Teaching: Management (3 hrs), EDEC 41153 Learner-Centered Teaching: Practicum (3 hrs).

Texas Christian University
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