EDEC 42236 - Professional Induction: Internship

Prerequisite: Admission to the Teacher Education Program or written permission of the Dean, College of Education. Concurrent enrollment in EDEC 42213, EDEC 42223, EDEC 42233, EDEC 42236. During this semester, students will fulfill the State's requirements for student teaching. In addition, they will receive instruction in developing and implementing currricula that meet the developmental, cultural and linguistic needs of all learners. Block components: EDEC 42213 Professional Induction: Early Childhood Curriculum (3 hrs), EDEC 42223 Professional Induction: ESL Curriculum (3 hrs), EDEC 42233 Professional Induction: Diverse Learners (3 hrs), EDEC 42236 Professional Induction: Internship (6 hrs).

Texas Christian University
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